What if you rediscovered cinema? Morocco Mall’s IMAX 3D offers you a new movie theater, the possibilities of which are only matched by your imagination.

IMAX Corporation, the world leader in digital technology specialized in cinematographic images, comes to Morocco for the first time.

A major attraction at the Mall, the new cinema occupies a 1,000-m2 surface at the entrance of Morocco Mall, and can accommodate 400 people per session.

The IMAX 3D screen is 20 meter in width and 16 meters in height - an eyeful for movie buffs! The 3D technology, normally reserved for theme parks, offers an exceptional and never-before-seen image quality: The special effect is rendered with unbelievable precision.

All you need is a pair of 3D glasses to be transported to another world where your favorite stars come to life next to you. At Morocco Mall, with IMAX 3D, you don’t watch movies. You live them.